Book worm

Just taking a break from reading.

We’ve just passed the 2 month mark and man has the little boy grown. Some of the things he’s picked up on: He’s starting mimic us with coo’s. We can coo and he will follow with a coo. Doesn’t do it every time, but he is pretty consistent. Neck muscles are getting stronger. He no longer wants to bury his head in your shoulder. Hands are a new thing and they must be in his mouth at all times.


He eats all the time. On the average we go through 4 oz pretty quick. It feels like we wash our supply of bottles every day.


He’s the best snuggle-bug.


You may have noticed that there is a lack of Dad and Grayson photos. For right now, Clancy will take my spot on the blog. Will talk to Mrs. Shoo about getting some photos of me and the bug on the blog.







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