Grayson’s mustache birthday party

Grayson turned 1 at the beginning of the month. Here it’s almost the end and I’m finally getting the photos online. In pretty much the same way the past year has been a busy one, this month was no different. Mrs. Shoo kept asking me what kind of ‘party’ we should have for Grayson. He hardly watches TV and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt would not make a great themes. Luckily we got a magazine with a bunch of party ideas. Right then and there I saw the “Little Man Birthday” package. I told Mrs. that was a terrific idea and she went and ran with it.

Guess what kind of party

Lesson 356: Have relatives take pictures at birthday parties.

I have no photos of the birthday party other than the crappy Instagram photo of Mrs. Shoo. Luckily my dad and grandfather took a couple.


He loved the fire station because it made noises. Notice the handlebar mustache t-shirt. The Shoo family all had on mustache theme shirts.


Mrs. Shoo made a terrific cake.


And cookies.


Ohh, he liked the cake and icing.


And had a terrible tummy ache that night.

Grayson, Mrs, and myself had a great time at the party. It’s definitely been a trip the last year. We love our little guy.






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