We’re blessed every day, but this weekend a little more than usual.

Blessed that the dog broke his toenail cleanly off and only required an antibiotic and some time away from licking his paw.


Blessed that when I was holding Grayson and I slipped off the icy front porch that we weren’t seriously hurt. We did have to take Grayson to the ER after an Xray revealed that he had a fracture in his tibia. We are fortunate that the little guy was a trooper, stayed perfectly still for Xrays, a splint wrapping, and hammed it up with the nurses. Obligatory Tiny Toons, “Hello Nurse.




I will do anything for suckers and stickers.


Grammy and the little guy and his red cast. I’m told he chose red because of Santa Claus. If he’s lucky, he will only be in this thing for a month. On the plus side, it is nice to slow down Grayson for just a little while.

He’s hobbling around and crawling on the floor like GI-Joe. It won’t be long before we hear “clonk, clonk, clonk” of his cast on the floor.

“These things happen” – Grandma Fran.









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  1. c reeves Avatar
    c reeves

    And must include that Chris not being seriously injured was some good luck also.
    Glad to hear all are doing better & on the mends.

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