Magic House

Needing an excuse to get out of the house and cash in a coupon for REI (sports/bike store), I took the family down to the St. Louis Magic House.

I told Grayson before we left that we were going to the Magic House and they have fun things for little boys and girls to do. Without any other explanation you would have thought that I sold him on the funnest thing in the whole-wide-world. The way down he kept repeating “hoooouuusse.” Then we threw it into overdrive by telling him that Sid the Science Kid, a PBS kid’s show for those without small children or PBS, would be at the Magic House. He went bonkers after. “SID! SID! Hooooouuse!”

Grayson and Sid the Science Kid

Luckily we got to meet Sid right away. No tears, got a hug and fist/elbow bump. He thought it was terrific.


We averaged about 20 seconds per activity. It was amazing that I was able to shoot a couple of photos.

That tongue is the source of his determination.

No trip is complete without a photo at the static electricity ball.

What little boy doesn’t love trains?


It was a great day for the whole family. We even made it to REI! A kid is a lot of work, but today was one of those days that just makes everything worth it.



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