Nipper Wildlife Sanctuary

Nipper Wildlife Sanctuary is just a 10 minute drive from the house. We’ve taken the dogs out several times. Each time they love exploring, smelling, and thinking that they can catch up to wild life. Winnie especially loves darting in and out of the grass.

We’ve always explored the south side of the sanctuary which is a big 1 1/2 mile loop. This time we crossed Withers Rd. and checked out the north side. Many winding trails, ponds, and butts up to South Fork Lick Creek.

We hiked for about an hour. The girls were done by the end.

Grayson running with Winnie
We discovered she loves the water.
Winnie’s brown coat match perfectly with the grass
Hops in the water, but realized it is much too cold for her
Many wild life noises to laugh at.
Grayson got to shoot some photos on the DSLR. He got a good shot of me.





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