Shades State Park

Doesn’t blog in two years then posts twice in a row.

With the weather being unseasonably nice for a couple days this week, we thought we’d do an even longer hike since we had a great time at Nipper Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday.

After having failed at many family hikes: too long, not enough fluids, no snacks, or just weather, we finally have a system down. The system is Sarah packs everything and I make sure we get there in one piece! Well there is a little more to that, but we have a system to make sure all individuals are good to go.

The new wild card is ‘the girls.’ Our previous dogs ‘the boys’ were not trail dogs. One was always anxious and could never last in a car more than 15 minutes. The other had short legs. Not a great combination.

But the girls have been terrific to travel with. They previously travelled with us down to Southern Illinois which is a 3 hour drive. And they seem to love this hiking thing.

We packed the dogs in the CRV and headed towards Shade State Park in Indiana. It’s just around the corner from Turkey Run.

Lots of stairs. It took some work, but the girls figured it out and didn’t kill us.
Hey, everyone looked at the photographer
Hops was unsure about the rocks. She’s a little more timid when it comes to trails compared to Winnie.
Fungi. Did not eat.
Winnie checking out the view to Devil’s Punch Bowl
It was so quiet, except some kid we brought with us.