Author: shoo

  • Too much to do.

    I’ve been meaning to sit down and do an update, but as it goes, life gets busy. And so has Grayson. He’s growing by leaps and bounds. We’ve gone from crawling to running the Baby 500 in the living room. We have resorted to taking the cushions off the couch and using them as barriers.…

  • A week in Instagram

    I started using Instagram when it first came out with my iPhone 3G. I since moved on to an Android and it wasn’t till this week that it was available for Android. [instapress userid=”gotshoo” piccount=”10″ size=”200″ effect=”0″]

  • Clancy Shoo

    Five years ago (shortly before we were married), Chris and I took Buddy to the St. Patty’s Day parade downtown, and I fell in love. The APL had adoptable dogs walking in the parade, and I saw Clancy and had to have him. We went to the APL that afternoon, and I described the dog…

  • Out in the front-yard

    Grayson got to play in the grass today. A little unsure of this green stuff. Ya, it was totally awesome.

  • Pics from Gpa Shoo

    Grandpa Shoo posted some photos of Grayson, so I thought I’d include them on the blog for all to see. Hello, you’re not paying attention to me so place me on the table so I can be the center of attention. Both Grandpas have been giving Grayson lessons on crawling and walking. This kid is…

  • The Bug – 5 Months

    The Bug is growing up and developing into his own little person. He’s nearly always in a good mood… unless he’s sleepy or hangry (and who can blame him). He’s really interested in the world around him, and he focuses very intently on those things that interest him (which is nearly everything). He’s started eating…

  • Kisses

    Grayson has started giving “kisses.” Or at least that’s what we think he is trying to do. Either way, he is doing a terrific job of slobbering all over his mom.

  • Moments

    We had a very happy baby the other night. Got the camera out and captured a couple of those moments.

  • Eat the words

    We’re starting him out early with solids. Books first, fruits next.