Category: Occasionaly Video

  • Before the broken leg

    Before Grayson and I toppled over the front steps we made it out this weekend to Pasfield for a couple runs down the small hill. He loved most of it. Not a fan of going up the hill, but loved going down. Love it even more when mom and dad had a snow ball fight.

  • Swinging

    Last year he loved the swings. This year we can barely get him on them. We’ve now made a break through where he wants to get on the swing, but wants no help pushing or latching the buckle. Some times he will even get off the swing, push it, then try to get back on…

  • Adults don’t roll down hills

    You’ll want to watch this one all the way through. @mrsshoo does a trick.

  • Maxwell

  • Duuuuuuuuck!

    We took Grayson to the park this evening. He was very enthusiastic to see the DUUUUUUUCCCKS tonight.

  • Make the plane go!

    Trains or planes, my kid can hear them all. He will stop in the middle of playing and either point up to the sky looking for a plane or give the international pull the horn signal for a train.

  • Play time

  • Grayson Cam

    I got a GoPro camera recently and haven’t been doing my regular “extreme” sports. So what better way to try it out than a toddler cam. Not a bad job for a 19 month old.

  • Dip it, dip it real good

    Grayson loves to dip. In fact, if he could just dip and not have to eat he would be fine with that. Don’t get him started with chips and salsa.