• When did he get so big?

    It feels like Grayson has leaped into being a big kid. He loves a good ‘bathroom’ joke, loves to play Legos, go to the park, ride on the ‘tag-a-long’ bike with dad play with his neighbor friends. I snapped a few photos after dinner tonight. Told him he owed me for the sucker I left […]

  • Starved Rock

    Back in November Mrs Shoo and I went up to Starved Rock State Park for a hike-away weekend. We had never been and spent most of the day exploring on the trails.

  • Pere Marquette State Park

    I am not an artist. I wish I could draw. I wish I could paint. But I can’t. Luckily I can take photos.

  • Lincoln Balloon Festival 2015

    On a whim we headed north to the Lincoln Balloon Festival. We met up with Mike, Sarah, and Colbie. It was good times. And there was a special shaped balloon. Darth Vader. Grayson was a big fan of Darth Vader. He started singing his song when he saw it.      

  • Take Photos 2

    I had enough for another post. Here’s more of G from downtown.

  • Let’s take photos

    Grayson and I have been having some bonding time since I was gone last weekend. After nap, he asked if he could take pictures with a (un-audible) camera. Having no idea what he was asking to take pictures with. We have lots of cameras. He takes me downstairs where I have some old film cameras. […]

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