Cheese Burger

Grayson had been asking to go back up to Chicago on the train for a while. Also, on the list, he had asked to go to the world famous Au Cheval. A cheeseburger restaurant that I have telling stories about since he was a little kid. Many times, heading up to Chicago for Lollapalooza, Au Cheval was the one place where I had to eat. I told him how the bacon was a 1/4″ thick, the cheese melted over the sides, and the runny egg just made everything swim in your mouth.

It did not disappoint. He even captured a couple of pictures his phone. Made this shutterbug of a dad happy.

A single is two patties with cheese. The maple smoked bacon is to die for. And the runny over easy egg just pulls the ensemble together.
Egg overrun
Kids grow incredibly fast when you’re not paying attention.
Family photo
I don’t know why I am so serious



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