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  • Since #TBT is a thing

      Years back. Me around Grayson’s age.

  • Ice

    From the snow/ice storm that passed by a couple of weeks before Xmas.

  • Park Time

    The Shoos were holed up for most of the week and the weekend suffering from a cold. We were all going stir crazy and luckily the weather let up so we could enjoy some time at the park. The hat matches the kid’s personality. Mrs. Shoo sporting a new hat she just finished. Do you […]

  • Sup, ladies.

  • Rocks and stuff

    Grayson has no lack of energy. He is all dirt, rocks, and get-up-and-go till he’s in bed. It takes over a 100 shots to get a few good ones. Good thing digital is cheap.

  • Sonic

    This is actually from back in August. This kid loves ice cream. He got that from both of his parents.