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  • Blue Skies

  • N + 1 – Specialized Sirrus

    N + 1 = Number of bikes you need in your life. Where N is the current number. This is my Specialized Sirrus. It’s the grocery-getter. The pull the kid down the street bike. The hang out with the family on the bike trail bike. The bike down to the park bike. Strava says I…

  • This kid.

    This kid.

    Age: 5 1/2 Currently reading Captain Underpants. Likes riding bikes with Dad. Excited to start Kindergarten so he can learn how to read on his own. Overall great kid.        

  • Even #graysongram is into Fidget Spinners.

  • Points to himself

    Coblie told us she wants to get married but not have kids. Grayson asks, ‘who do you want to marry’ as he points to himself.

  • When the robots take over

    I was listening to a tech podcast in the car with Grayson this morning on our morning commute. On the podcast they were discussing automation taking over jobs. He asked me, “Dad, are robots taking over?” “Well”, I said, “they sort of are with jobs like truck drivers and cashiers.” “What about your job, Dad?”…

  • When did he get so big?

    It feels like Grayson has leaped into being a big kid. He loves a good ‘bathroom’ joke, loves to play Legos, go to the park, ride on the ‘tag-a-long’ bike with dad play with his neighbor friends. I snapped a few photos after dinner tonight. Told him he owed me for the sucker I left…

  • Lincoln Balloon Festival 2015

    On a whim we headed north to the Lincoln Balloon Festival. We met up with Mike, Sarah, and Colbie. It was good times. And there was a special shaped balloon. Darth Vader. Grayson was a big fan of Darth Vader. He started singing his song when he saw it.      

  • Take Photos 2

    I had enough for another post. Here’s more of G from downtown.