The Bug.

I’m going to tease Mrs. Shoo to provide her own update on Baby Shoo by writing a post filled with multiple grammatical errors and inconsistencies. Which means I’ll write the same way I always do.

(Note – This post is for the kid. When he Google’s himself on his iPhone 9, he’ll get a little insight to what is going on 7+ weeks before he enters this world.)

First of all, Baby Shoo, the family is dying to know your name. You’re kindly referred to as “Bug” or “Baby Shoo.” Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Ed are bribing us with favors and cash to know your name. We’re holding out for big $$$ and it’s just fun to tease them. Your mom has almost let it slip a couple of times.

It’s a name that we put a lot of thought into. And we didn’t just pull it out of an iPhone app. Although, we tried that too. We’ll explain it to you when you get older.

You should also be thankful that you’re not named after a Victorian author. I said a lot of no’s to names mom sent me via text messages. I was afraid you get picked on in school. It’s already bad enough that your last name is 9 letters long. That’s a lot to spell in kindergarten.

Your room is almost complete. Before it was your room, it was your mom’s walk-in closet. She had to get rid of a lot of clothes and shoes. Your mom loves shoes. Before when I tried to get mom to get rid of shoes, I faced a lot of resistance. Now, ever since you came along, you’re her number one priority.

Mom also feels like you’ve been doing some house cleaning of your own. You like to move around and punch vital organs. You have been kindly referred to as “Nessy.” We play a game of make the phone dance. We put mom’s phone on her belly and play music, specifically the Beatles. You like the Beatles. Here Comes the Sun seems to be one of your favorite songs.

The dogs are suspicious of what has been happening. Buddy has likened to hiding under the bed. Clancy is a big goof. We think Clancy will be jealous at first but later will turn out to be your number one follower. Bud, will be your protector. When mom first used to walk him as a puppy in the park, he would growl at strangers that got too close. They will definitely be your best friends.

We’re on a countdown of less than 8 weeks. We can’t wait for you to be here and turn our world upside down with sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and little baby yawns.







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  1. lifexhistory Avatar

    Pretty sure his real name doesn’t matter– I’m gonna call him Bug foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.