Grayson Announcement

The last post on this blog was exactly from one week ago. That night I sat down to write out a short entry. We had just been to the hospital earlier that day on a false start. That night when Mrs. Shoo told me that the contractions were getting stronger again. I was a little leery that it was another false start, to the point that I started tweeting asking people what I should bring in my hospital bag. I was literally packing my bag then.

Little did I know it was the real deal and that over 15 hours later we would be seeing our baby boy for the first time. The 15 hours were an experience by itself, but it was worth every drop of coffee, bleep on the heart monitor, and stressful moment of waiting.

I’m still amazed how complete, cute, complicated, emotional this bundle of joy can be. He’s perfect in every way.







4 responses to “Introducing….”

  1. Angi Davis Avatar

    Cute shot! And congrats to the whole darn ‘Shoo clan!!

  2. Matt Penning Avatar
    Matt Penning

    Perfectly beautiful. Love the composition too.

  3. Great Aunt Catherine Avatar
    Great Aunt Catherine

    Love the photo that is so cute.

  4. Johann Avatar

    Beautiful picture. Congratulations, Mom & Dad.

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