1 Month Quick Update

The little dude is one month and a day. Man, it’s hard to keep up and try to blog about him at the same time. Because of a lack of sleep and the possibility to relieve Mrs. Shoo from rocking duty, I will do this blog in list form.

  1. We (me and Mrs) miss sleep. I should say consecutive hours of sleep. We’ve got him on a pretty good schedule. We can even get him to go 4 hours at a time. You want a mental challenge, try convincing a baby at 3am that it is time to go….. see book.
  2. Mrs. Shoo is turning out to be an incredible mom. Talking about knowing your kid inside and out. She can smell a poop 10 ft away, predict a burp-splosion, and know exactly what the little guy wants (hint: it’s poop, sleep, or food).
  3. Babies are invites for strangers to talk to you.
  4. The dogs have settled down. Still a little jealous, but they’re cool with the kid.
  5. Grandparents are worth their babysitting time in gold.
  6. The bouncy chair brought sanity back into the house.
  7. My wardrobe is a 24/7 burp cloth.
  8. I did nothing with my free time before baby. It feels like I have to rush and squeeze every ounce of freedom out of free time.
  9. You become pretty talented with only being to use one hand.
  10. Grayson is incredible even after I can’t believe you want another bottle kid, I just changed your diaper 30 seconds ago, 45 minutes just to get out the door moments. We love this guy.






3 responses to “1 Month Quick Update”

  1. *lynne* Avatar

    I love the bib that’s as big as he is! 🙂

  2. Great Aunt Catherine Avatar
    Great Aunt Catherine

    Is that not a hilarious adult book? Sounds like you are both doing great.

  3. lifexhistory Avatar

    I LOVE THAT LITTLE BUG! He is soooo cute!