Visiting Grammy & BobPa

We went to visit Grammy and BobPa today (my mom and dad).

Best part of the visit? Grammy and I got an actual smile out of GrayBug. Not a gas smile, but a real smile. He was cooing at us and just generally showing off. We got a few smiles out of him, but this is the best picture.
5 Weeks Social Smile
Yup, he’s smiling at me. He knows his mommy. It makes those sleepless nights worth it.

Grammy bought an antique cradle the day after I told her that I was pregnant. She has been taking GrayBug’s picture in the cradle every week since he was born. He’s starting to fill it out.

Here he is in it at three days old…
Oct 8,2011

And at five weeks…
5 Weeks cradle

He also tried on BobPa’s Bears hat. It’s still a little too big, so we might have to look into getting him his own in Bug-size.
Bobpa's Bears Hat

Grammy loves to hold him and talk to him. The great thing about visiting Grammy’s is I don’t have to change any diapers.
Grammy & Buggy

Thanks for having us over again!!







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  1. Great Aunt Catherine Avatar
    Great Aunt Catherine

    Neat crib. Love the smile. He is a cutie.

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