Week 6





It’s hard to believe that the little guy is already 6 weeks old. He’s putting on weight and doesn’t feel like a fragile doll. He’s starting to focus on us and develop all around. Even better we have a consistent bed time.

Our parenting milestone was a couple of weeks ago when we realized that we weren’t swaddling him properly. We would wrap him, but leave his arms free. During this time he’d only sleep 1-3 hours at a time. And we would hear lots of grunts throughout the night. After a Tweet from a friend recommending the book, The Happiest Baby on The Block, I bought the e-version of the book after a wicked 2 hour session of trying to get him to go back to bed.

After reading the book and utilizing some of the techniques, he’s been so much better. I highly recommend the book to any new parents.

I just noticed all the photos I posted are from night time / feedings. That’s what happens when you work all day.









5 responses to “Week 6”

  1. Craftnclutter Avatar

    Why does no one listen to me?! I preached the word of Happiest Baby all spring & summer!


    Glad you guys figured it out, sleep is nice, right?

    1. admin Avatar

      Life is much better now.

    2. Sarah Avatar

      We listened (or I did). It was downloaded since you’d mentioned it. Finding the time to watch it together was another story. Then pregnancy/mom-brain kicked in, and I forgot about it.

  2. Great Aunt Catherine Avatar
    Great Aunt Catherine

    Good news on the zzzz front.

  3. Jeremy Avatar

    Good news! We had a similar problem in the summer with Aaron. We thought he was too hot in the middle of the night and sweating. Turns out it was an ill positioned unit and the diaper was not absorbing his nighttime business. Poor kid was sleeping in his own pee! Didn’t smell like it! Oh well. He turned out OK. That one we learned from friends but we learned plenty from books too.

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