Grayson – 1 Year

This is actually a week late, but it has been a busy couple of weeks at the Shoo household. We’re going to use to our benefit that Grayson can’t count or tell time in celebrating his birthday a week late. I have lots and lots of photos of the little guy, so I tried to shove as many as possible in 4 minutes. Hope you enjoy the video and I much much more to say about fatherhood, but it’s 6am on Saturday morning and we’ve got to get ready to run some errands. #dadlife.







2 responses to “Grayson – 1 Year”

  1. *lynne* Avatar

    Happy birthday, little big man!!!

    The photos flew past a bit too fast, but, did u get peed on somewhere in the first third or so of the vid? Lol 🙂

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Lynne, Chris couldn’t leave anything out, so he had to make it fast to fit it all. But, yes, he was peed on. First at-home bath.

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