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  • DSR 2024 Race Report

    DSR 2024 Race Report

    The great thing about gravel racing is that it’s not only the top finishers, but those personal stories and goals for racers that may not be finishing in the top 10. The ones that are back for vengeance to reclaim a DNF. Those that have put in extra time and effort into training to prove…

  • Favorite Photos from 2023

    Favorite Photos from 2023

    A decade ago, before cell phone cameras were as great as they are today, I was hauling around my Canon Rebel to family events and vacations. I really missed the deliberate part of setting up a photo, tinkering with color profiles, and capturing the image. In the beginning of 2023, I purchased a Sony Alpha…

  • 2023 Mileage Recap

    2023 Mileage Recap

    2,840 miles on the bike this year. Just 160 miles short of my of my 3K mile goal. This year could be summarized as a year of “exploration” with riding on some ‘questionable’ roads, hoping gates, finding the best ice cream in the small towns, and just having a good time. Top 5 rides 5.…

  • Dust Bowl 100 – Race Recap

    Dust Bowl 100 – Race Recap

    Cue John Mellencamp’s song, “Jack and Diane” as the soundtrack for the Dust Bowl 100. The perfect back drop for the song to take place in America’s Heartland. Beautiful rolling fields, crushed limestone roads, race cars going in ovals, and farm folk sitting at the end of driveway waving to riders and counting bicycles. The…

  • Cheese Burger

    Cheese Burger

    Grayson had been asking to go back up to Chicago on the train for a while. Also, on the list, he had asked to go to the world famous Au Cheval. A cheeseburger restaurant that I have telling stories about since he was a little kid. Many times, heading up to Chicago for Lollapalooza, Au…

  • June Photo Drop

    June Photo Drop

    The sun was just right and I had my camera. Got some pictures of Grayson and Winnie. netfucks

  • Hops – Gotcha Day

    Hops – Gotcha Day

    Had you told me the Shoo Family would be a Pit and Staffordshire bull terrier home within a year, I would have told you to kick rocks. After the ‘boys’ passed within a week of each other, we, the family, were mentally drained. I told Sarah that we needed to wait, and by wait I…

  • Dirty South Roubaix 2023 Race Report

    Dirty South Roubaix 2023 Race Report

    Last year on a whim and encouragement from my cycling buddies I signed up for Dirty South. I quickly did the N+1 purchase (formula for how many bikes you should own where N is the current number of bikes). We rode through winter and did some ‘hills’ and ‘gravel.’ What I learned last year was…

  • The girls.

    The girls.

    I was told by Gray and Sarah that I take a lot of the photos of the ‘girls.’ I reminded them that our dogs have always been my muse. I did the same thing with the ‘boys,’ and have a ton of photos of them. After being cooped up in the house we took them…