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  • Just a sec

    We met up with the R’s tonight. After dinner we took the kids to Centennial Park after dinner. I tried to snap a couple of photos. Worse than trying to herd cats. Somehow, I got this shot. Would have been a great photo if it was the DSLR.  

  • Prairie Days

    Friday evening we went down to Pawnee to explore Prairie Days, aka eat fried fatty foods and watch Grayson ride rides. One of the first things we did was ride the cars. These were same cars that have been at fairs and carnivals for the last 40 years. You know the ones with the groovy […]

  • Watering Can

  • Sandbox

    The sandbox is a hit! Just finished 1/2 of the lid for it. There have already been several tantrums thrown when we go to the back yard and don’t play in the sandbox.      

  • Photo fun

  • Busy weekend

    Busy weekend in the Shoo household. A new sandbox, partying with friends, gardening… Bring on the work week.