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  • The girls.

    The girls.

    I was told by Gray and Sarah that I take a lot of the photos of the ‘girls.’ I reminded them that our dogs have always been my muse. I did the same thing with the ‘boys,’ and have a ton of photos of them. After being cooped up in the house we took them […]

  • Weekend updates

    Helped my brother move. He recently acquired a new “old” vehicle. A beautiful 1989 Lincoln Continental. It’s in premo condition if you overlook the late 80’s wood trim and old lady smoke residue. It’s his new baby and mode of transportation as his job will only be 4 miles from his house. I […]

  • So COLD!!!!

    It’s cold outside. We’re going stir-crazy. We’re ready for spring.

  • Photo fun

  • Buddies

    The three amigos.  

  • How to feed the dogs

    Grayson has taken interest in feeding the dogs. It takes a long time.