Category: Dogs

  • Moose hands

    The family needed a walk today. It was cold, so we bundled everyone up. Grayson wore his snow suit, moose mittens, and special knit hat.  

  • Cone of shame

    Clancy hurt his paw this week. It was inflamed and he wouldn’t stop licking it. He also chewed through his bandages several times. The is vet is making him wear “the cone of shame” for a week. His paw is already looking better. Hopefully he won’t have to wear for the full week because he’s…

  • Never Ending Story

    The Never Ending Story? Not the same.

  • On the lookout

    The duo on the lookout for what is moving in the backyard.

  • Clancy

    Clancy has been in the family for years. He’s now Grayson’s personal assistant. He will trot into Grayson’s room looking for Cheerio-Os, sit (sometimes patiently) as Grayson eats and be a ready at a moment’s notice to clean the floor or the child. He is our four legged Roomba.

  • Cozy Dog

    Buddy is a lazy creature, but even more now that it is cold outside. So lazy that we will let Grayson “hug” him, pull his table, and use him as a trampoline. He used to runaway from Grayson but now that the baby is less baby-like he’s resided that Grayson is just another member of…

  • Grayson and Buddy playtime

  • Monkey boy

    Grayson got to wear his monkey hat this weekend. One of Mrs. Shoo’s knit friends made it for him. This is of course will be shown to his high school home coming date.

  • Bath Time

    Grayson is a big fan of bath time. Even when the day seems not to be his best, bath time brings out the smiles and splashes. He loves to play with his rubber ducky and a Monty’s cup. Never cries when we rinse him off and gets excited when he sees the shampoo. Tonight he…