Veggie-beef soup

I made some of the best veggie-beef soup the other day. Don’t take my word for it – that’s from Mrs. Shoo.

Here’s the recipe –

1lb stew beef

1-2 potatoes cut

3-5 carrots (pealed and cut)

1 can green beans (or replace with fresh green beans)

1 can of sweet corn (don’t drain to add some sweetness)

1 can of cut tomatoes

4-5 stalks of cut celery

Salt and pepper to taste

2-3 bay leaves

Add water for a juicier soup


Cook on medium heat for approx 1 hour. Add more stuff if hungrier.








4 responses to “Veggie-beef soup”

  1. The Cuban Avatar

    I couldnt see the picture for some reason but the recipe looks simple enough and sounds quite tasty!

    1. shoo Avatar

      It was a twitpic. I had to download it and put it on my site. Should be back.

      1. The Cuban Avatar

        I see it now. It looks great. Maybe a few bits of sausage next time?

        1. shoo Avatar

          Not a bad idea!

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