Costa Rica: Part 3 – Sloths!

If you know Sarah at all, you’ll know that she has a slight obsession with sloths. She calls them her spirit animal.

Fact: Sloths have a nasty bite.

We were just 30 minutes from a Sloth Sanctuary. Of course we had to go.

The purpose of the sloth sanctuary is to rehabilitate injured or abandoned sloths. The sloths we saw on this tour had some kind of injury or disability either from falling from power lines, being fed an incorrect diet while being kept in captivity, or being injured in another kind of way.

Did you know sloths only go the bathroom once a week?

It was a great experience. However, there was a VIP experience tour with baby sloths. Sarah being at one with her spirit animal of course had to see the babies. Since her mom missed out on the tour she went back with her a couple days later to take in the slothiness again.


Bonus: Sloths we saw in the wild.










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