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  • Worms and guts

    Worms and guts

    We got about 4-5″ of rain the other day. The kid spent most of his time in the basement consuming mass amounts of YouTube and who-knows-what content. He came upstairs and was bouncing off the wall. Mrs Shoo sent him outside to play in the rain. The other neighborhood boys soon followed.

  • Block Party

    Block Party

    This weekend we had our 3rd some-what annual block party. Last year’s wasn’t really a block party but there was a grill in the middle of the street. We blocked off the streets and even rented a bounce house for the kids. I didn’t get pictures of the adults, but we earmarked this moment in…

  • Points to himself

    Coblie told us she wants to get married but not have kids. Grayson asks, ‘who do you want to marry’ as he points to himself.

  • Lincoln Balloon Festival 2015

    On a whim we headed north to the Lincoln Balloon Festival. We met up with Mike, Sarah, and Colbie. It was good times. And there was a special shaped balloon. Darth Vader. Grayson was a big fan of Darth Vader. He started singing his song when he saw it.      

  • Lolla 2015: Cheese Burgers, Tunes, and Friends

    A love of music? A love of cheese burgers? A love of hanging out with friends? All of the above. Lollapalooza has become a pilgrimage for me for the last couple of years. I’ve been going on a somewhat regular basis since 2007 (yes, the year of Daft Punk). For the last two years though…

  • Mr. Geebus turned 3

    Geebus is one of Grayson’s many nicknames. For a while when we would ask him his full name, he would respond “Grayson Geebus Scheufele.” This weekend our little Geebus turned 3. We can’t imagine life without him. He’s so full of personality, love, and overall just a great kid. That’s not to say he can’t…

  • Summer Time

    Wait, what it’s already mid-June?!? Here some highlights from the last couple of weeks.

  • Running where Abe walked

    Last weekend Mrs Shoo ran the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon. Grayson and I caught up with friends at the end of the race to cheer on Mrs. Shoo and her friend Sarah. “Mooooommm” The woman holding the sign is Sarah’s mother. She throws a mean surprise birthday and will run the last tenth of a…

  • Fireman Grayson and Boo

    Fireman Grayson and Colbie as Boo at the farmers market.