Category: Grayson

  • Big Shot

    Grayson’s Bob-pa has a basketball hoop. He loves it. Even though the ball is bigger than his body and he’s only one foot nothing, he wants nothing more to see that ball go through the hoop. I hate to tell him that height is not in his genes.

  • Thankful.

    Photos by Courtney Westlake I truly have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, family.

  • On the lookout

    The duo on the lookout for what is moving in the backyard.

  • Where he gets it

    A lot of people say Grayson looks like Mrs. I don’t get it or see it. — Kidding, yes I can see it.

  • Grayson and Buddy playtime

  • Hanging Out

    The whole family was home this morning. I took a half day for Veterans’ Day to get some things done. Above, Grayson and I are taking in some of the “The Wiggles.” Grayson also got his first haircut. He squirmed a bit, but was actually pretty good. No whaling tantrums.