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  • Starved Rock

    Back in November Mrs Shoo and I went up to Starved Rock State Park for a hike-away weekend. We had never been and spent most of the day exploring on the trails.

  • Pere Marquette State Park

    I am not an artist. I wish I could draw. I wish I could paint. But I can’t. Luckily I can take photos.

  • St Johns Water Fun

    We were in the water a lot while down at St. Johns.

  • Fun snow time

    Note: There are two Xmas trees in my front yard because either a neighbor hooligan pulled it into my yard or the wind blew it over.

  • #Spfld

    The weather finally broke 40* degrees here in Springfield. Grayson and I went out voyaging through downtown capturing some of the sites.

  • Jimmy Johns

    “Come on, another picture!?”

  • Weeks Two and Three

    Our baby is getting bigger and eating us out of house and home already. I’m dreading what our grocery bill will be like when he’s a teenager. If his current eating habits are any indication, we’re both going to have to get part-time jobs to afford him. Here’s a picture of him at a week…