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Wood for seven years?

In November, Mrs. Shoo and I celebrated seven years together. Yes really. Seven. I don’t know what the traditional gift is for seven years, but I gave her a hand crafted wood bowl.

A friend / coworker had been showing his recent wood working skills. Always liking something that you can’t buy off a shelf, I asked him to make a bowl. He lathed it from a single piece of wood. I can’t remember if it is Cherry or Walnut, but either way it looks fantastic.

Below I have some of Mrs. Shoo’s loose fiber that she uses for spinning yarn.


We asked G some questions

Always funny what you will hear from a three year old.

Mr. Geebus turned 3

Geebus is one of Grayson’s many nicknames. For a while when we would ask him his full name, he would respond “Grayson Geebus Scheufele.”

This weekend our little Geebus turned 3. We can’t imagine life without him. He’s so full of personality, love, and overall just a great kid. That’s not to say he can’t be a little tuckus.


Believe it or not, Grayson took the photo. He turned his hat backwards and everything. A new up and coming photographer. Watch out Instagram!


His buddies came over for a play date.

IMG_6975.jpgIMG_6977.jpgAunt KeeKee got him a special Leonardo.




Monticello Railroad Days – 2014

I am sucker for trains. My Grandpa Etter raised me on HO gauge set that took up more than a living room. I get a little excited when I see the BSNF coal train on Rt 104 headed to the power plant. I know what a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement looks like.

Needless to say, I was a little geeked when my father-in-law mentioned going to Monticello for Railroad Days. I hadn’t been in years and I knew Grayson would have a terrific day. In fact, the whole family had a great time.


Grayson was excited from the beginning. We got several “oh boy!” out of him.


First ride out we sat in the cupola of the caboose.


Grayson yelling down to his mom to “be safe.”


Gray was not the best at posing today. A few too many things to do.


The adventure these two have been on.


Talking with the engineer.



Friendliest hobo you ever meet.


“All aboard!”


“Full steam ahead!”



We had a great time today! Make sure to check out the Monticello Railway Museum.

Weekend updates

Helped my brother move. He recently acquired a new “old” vehicle.

My bros 1989 Lincoln.


A beautiful 1989 Lincoln Continental. It’s in premo condition if you overlook the late 80’s wood trim and old lady smoke residue. It’s his new baby and mode of transportation as his job will only be 4 miles from his house. I have a feeling he is going to get some looks with this vehicle. Good thing he is locked down to a good woman.

Grayson and his Buddy. #graysongram

I may have volunteered Buddy to be Grayson’s friend in the wagon. The dog hated the wagon and looked for every opportunity to jump out. I consider it payback for much trouble he has caused us tipping the trash can and getting into bags.

Grayson has a flag for his tree house. He tells me the G stands for ninja turtles.

Grayson proudly displaying the official flag for his swing set. Grammy Lynne put together a wonder flag featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the background and a capital G. This would make Betsy Ross jealous. Grayson loves the flag and I have to make a trip to the hardware store for a bracket so he can display it proudly.


Shake, rattle and roll

Grayson jamming out at the farmers market last weekend.

Robot shoes

This is what happens when you don't feed them
Pre-breakfast tacos from the food truck at the farmers’ market. They were hangry.

Love this little guy. Wish he would slow down on growing up.... A little.
You don’t know how fast they grow up until you see it past by.

Asked him , "Do you know who that is?" "Ronald Reagan" @mrsshoo or @grammylynne did you teach him that?
We stopped at Scheels tonight to get new shoes. Grayon’s had robots. They did not have the robots in my size. Leaving we stopped at the statue of Ronald Reagan. I asked G who it was… he replied, “Ronald Reagan.” Have no idea where that came from, but incredible he recalled it.

Life updates.

First it was blogging, then it was Facebook, then Twitter, now Instagram. Just easier to take a picture to reflect on where you’re at in the world. So here’s an update and some connotation with the pictures.

Got a new coffee maker. May be just a little geeked. #bunn #coffee

Had a birthday. Got a new coffee maker. Even better, Bunn is a local company which I know a few people employed at. It might be the coffee snob percolating out of me with my locally roasted Custom Cup Coffee, but I believe I can taste the difference. I realized it the other day when I ran out of the good stuff and brewed something that I had sitting around. Not good.

Swing set finally got put together. Someone is enjoying it.

Grayson wanted a swing set. It is the tool that got him potty trained so quick. It took some time over a couple of weekends to put it together even though it arrived mostly assembled. Thanks to Pa-Pa, Bob-Pa, and Uncle David for the help.

Old gray hairs. I feel mine coming soon.

Buddy is my first furball. He reminds me that I’m not getting any younger.

Library night #magicschoolbus

We are big fans of the library. And since we live in one of the donut holes of Springfield, we especially make sure to use our $80 library card.

#hillThere is a @flavius217 down there

I’ve put on some miles on the bike this summer. Of course it’s documented on Strava.

Worst coworker ever. #graysongram

I’ve been working out of my west side office lately. This dude has stopped by a few times. If only I could get him to hit the right keys.

This might be why Grayson is obsessed with #tmnt#tmnt Yup.

As mentioned in previous posts, Grayson is obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Grammy and Bob-Pa have been fueling the fire with related #TMNT paraphernalia and his Uncle Sean’s old turtle collection. It is neat to see him get so geeked about something at such an early age.

Batch Updates

Having a blog sounds like a great idea. Many times I have thought, “Man this is great thing. I should really sit down and write about this. Because no one has totally written about this.” Then I sit down and nothing comes out. I end up on a endless round-robin of reddit, facebook, and twitter. Luckily Instagram keeps my attention. Makes it super easy to post. A hash tag can explain so much sometimes. So below, my ‘grams. Not all of them, but my favorites.

You can find me on intstagram.com/gotshoo

Grayson Geebus, who insists on calling himself this now because we’ve called him Geebus so often. He does not believe his middle name is Edward. He will say, “Not Edward.” Imagine him saying that in a toddler slur. It sounds cute.

But Geebus has totally become fascinated with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He’s never seen the show, but got a hat from someone and totally has become part of the turtle team. It doesn’t help that Grammy and BobPa fueled his obsession by breaking out his Uncle Sean’s old turtles, which includes a blimp, van, assorted villains. Essentially little boy heaven.

Below at the Springfield Arts Council’s Paint The Streets he got painted like a Ninja Turtle. Not a surprise at all. He smudged the paint right away.

Turtle  Power #graysongram

He loved painting on the streets. He even wrote his name.

#paintthestreets #graysongram

For the last couple of years I’ve been going to Lollapalooza as a pilgrimage to reclaim my youth. I may have a receding hairline but I can still dance like a fool.

A good weekend but ready to be back home.

Part of going to Lollapalooza means I get to feast on beers and cheeseburgers.

See wife, behaving. @dryhop you treat me well. @lolladino in the background.

This work of art was from Au Cheval. Bacon was thick. Nuff’ said.

Au Cheval. One of the best burgers  I have ever had.

Our little dude had his first day of ‘school.’ No tears at all. The first day he told @mrsshoo to “Go home mom” two times. When I dropped him of today I got a hug and that was that. He is having so much fun that the teacher mentioned that she couldn’t believe it was his second day. He acted like a natural.

regram @mrsshoo G's first day of "school". He's rocking the Ninja Turtle backpack and some bedhead. #cowabunga #graysongram

Summer Time

Wait, what it’s already mid-June?!? Here some highlights from the last couple of weeks.