Category: Adventures

  • Magic House

    Needing an excuse to get out of the house and cash in a coupon for REI (sports/bike store), I took the family down to the St. Louis Magic House. I told Grayson before we left that we were going to the Magic House and they have fun things for little boys and girls to do.…

  • 2013 – A Year In Review

    2013 was a good year for the Shoo family. Sarah and I ran a half marathon. My first. Her 2nd. Note: This is from a 10k. When you’re tired and sweaty, you forget to take group photos. And then Sarah kept running. And running. And running. Still running. We had an epic vacation to Kauai,…

  • Before the broken leg

    Before Grayson and I toppled over the front steps we made it out this weekend to Pasfield for a couple runs down the small hill. He loved most of it. Not a fan of going up the hill, but loved going down. Love it even more when mom and dad had a snow ball fight.

  • Blessed.

    We’re blessed every day, but this weekend a little more than usual. Blessed that the dog broke his toenail cleanly off and only required an antibiotic and some time away from licking his paw. Blessed that when I was holding Grayson and I slipped off the icy front porch that we weren’t seriously hurt. We…

  • Park Time

    The Shoos were holed up for most of the week and the weekend suffering from a cold. We were all going stir crazy and luckily the weather let up so we could enjoy some time at the park. The hat matches the kid’s personality. Mrs. Shoo sporting a new hat she just finished. Do you…

  • Rides Great

    I haven’t gotten to do much trail riding this year. When I finally got the bike out a couple of weeks ago, the hanger that holds the rear derailleur (the device that switches the gears) snapped off. That was a mile and a half walk back. After a visit to Amazon and a new part,…

  • Hello Fall.

        First of all, I was planning on getting some pictures of Grayson with the fall foliage, but he was gun-ho about feeding the ducks. The boy has as much coordination as his father. With a big chuck of oyster crackers he toppled over into the Washington Park pond. Lucky, it was just the…

  • Remembering Summer

    Scrolling through photos that I took over the summer. Found a few that didn’t make the blog. Here’s Grayson playing in the backyard with a sprinkler. He love it.

  • Reflektor

    I found the connector.