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  • Shoo Family Munising 2024 Trip

    Shoo Family Munising 2024 Trip

    Just call us a bunch of ‘Yoopers’, don’tcha know! This was our third trip up to the UP (Upper Peninsula), and the second checking out Munising and Pictured Rocks. We’ve enjoyed the Great Lakes’ hiking, food, biking, and cooler weather temps. This time we went with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. We saw lots of…

  • DSR 2024 Race Report

    DSR 2024 Race Report

    The great thing about gravel racing is that it’s not only the top finishers, but those personal stories and goals for racers that may not be finishing in the top 10. The ones that are back for vengeance to reclaim a DNF. Those that have put in extra time and effort into training to prove…

  • 2023 Mileage Recap

    2023 Mileage Recap

    2,840 miles on the bike this year. Just 160 miles short of my of my 3K mile goal. This year could be summarized as a year of “exploration” with riding on some ‘questionable’ roads, hoping gates, finding the best ice cream in the small towns, and just having a good time. Top 5 rides 5.…

  • Dust Bowl 100 – Race Recap

    Dust Bowl 100 – Race Recap

    Cue John Mellencamp’s song, “Jack and Diane” as the soundtrack for the Dust Bowl 100. The perfect back drop for the song to take place in America’s Heartland. Beautiful rolling fields, crushed limestone roads, race cars going in ovals, and farm folk sitting at the end of driveway waving to riders and counting bicycles. The…

  • Dirty South Roubaix 2023 Race Report

    Dirty South Roubaix 2023 Race Report

    Last year on a whim and encouragement from my cycling buddies I signed up for Dirty South. I quickly did the N+1 purchase (formula for how many bikes you should own where N is the current number of bikes). We rode through winter and did some ‘hills’ and ‘gravel.’ What I learned last year was…

  • Rose, Thorn, Bud

    Rose, Thorn, Bud

    This is not the typical family post. It’s about bikes. I’ve listened to quite a few cycling podcasts that have asked for a rider’s rose, thorn, and bud of their year/season. I really put some miles down last year, so I thought I document some of the good, bad, and what’s to come in 2023.…

  • Memorial Day Weekend Recap

    Memorial Day Weekend Recap

    In the year of 2020, Covid is still hanging around, so this Memorial Day Weekend it was a lot of working on the house, cooking at home, and doing things as a family. Sarah and I put in a second raised garden bed. In this garden bed we have green beans, green peppers, and okra.…

  • Blue Skies

  • N + 1 – Specialized Sirrus

    N + 1 = Number of bikes you need in your life. Where N is the current number. This is my Specialized Sirrus. It’s the grocery-getter. The pull the kid down the street bike. The hang out with the family on the bike trail bike. The bike down to the park bike. Strava says I…